Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Carson 101

Just because, here are some things you might not know about Carson. 

Carson loves cats, and believes they all love him. They don't seem to, but I think that's just how cats are.

He used to write me letters when we were dating. The letters have grown less frequent (and we aren't long-distance anymore) but every once in awhile he'll write a really sweet one.

Every meal he eats is the best meal ever, and is probably the best guest you could ever serve for that reason. He raves about it and it's really gratifying. Carson is always up for new meals and new restaurants.

Until he met me, Carson did not text and would start arguments with people about how terrible texting was. I brought him over to the dark side in 2009.

Once upon a time, Carson guided whitewater rafting trips. He used to whitewater kayak but sold his boats when we were engaged because he didn't feel that it was something that would be a part of his life anymore. I didn't help with that decision at all. Lately, he's been thinking about getting back into it again.

Carson is not a picky eater, but there are a few things he doesn't like: seafood (he likes fish), olives..and I can't think of anything else. I am super picky, so poor Carson has to practice patience all the time.

He talks in his sleep. I've written down some of the things he's said because they were real words, but at the same time complete gibberish.

Books are his thing. If you know him, you aren't shocked by this at all. If you know this about him, you'll be shocked to know that he's been weeding his collection down. It turns out that when you don't have a basement anymore, keeping lots of boxes of books isn't fun.

Carson loves his feet. He thinks he has the ideal-shaped feet and that they are designed like feet should have been. This isn't a joke.

He never needs to take notes, but somehow absorbs information like a sponge. I used to think he just wasn't paying attention, but when I discovered that he could completely recreate a thought he'd heard days before, I realized I was wrong.

Languages are his thing. Carson knows or is working on Classical Greek, Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Latin, German, French, Ethopic and Aramaic. He's always looking to know more and trying to convince me to learn one with him so we can speak it at home.

Thrift stores and garage sales are his thing. Garage sales in particular, for the bargaining and "diamond in the rough" possibilities. The weekend I met his family, we piled into a big van and went to garage sales. I'd never seen people so serious about those before.

Cold weather is Carson's favorite kind of weather. He doesn't like humidity (who can blame him) and pretty much melts when it's hot outside. Snow however? Loves it.

I'm not sure how many jobs he's worked, but I feel like it's got to be over 50. He's worked at so many different places, from Arby's to universities to snow shoveling. "I did that once" is something I often hear when he's talking to someone for the first time, and I learn another thing on what would be a very long resume.

He loves baked goods and sweet things more than anyone I've met.

Carson is incredibly dedicated to learning. He loves what he's doing, but he also treats it like it's his job (I mean, it actually kind of is, so that works) and not only heads to school for approximately 11 hours every day, but spends all but one day each week refining what he knows, reviewing the Hebrew and Greek that he learned years ago, grading student papers, and working on projects. I truly don't think I have 25% of the dedication he does (I am more of your average student). Oh, and he also networks in the academia world well, getting to know professors so he can have a better understanding of his field and connecting with people from other schools for a wider breadth of education. I so admire his work ethic and I COULD NOT do what he does.


  1. You have a gem and an all-around well-rounded guy, so it seems. I said it before, but it seems his parents did a fantastic job raising him. Not many people have that kind of work ethic any longer.


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