Monday, March 17, 2014

My Birthday

I've had these pictures on my camera and just completely forgot to post them. Oops. 
My birthday was on a Sunday this year, so there wasn't exactly sleeping in. Oh well (spoiler alert: I took a nap later). Carson brought a Pop Tart in for my breakfast, so I munched on that while opening presents.

My mom made this gorgeous quilt (click here to see her story about it)

And Carson gave me two chalkboards after I told him I wanted a chalkboard - he didn't know what size so he bought options!

He worked until 1am on Saturday night, so Carson was tired and took a nap before church (now that I'm writing this I'm not sure how long before church we actually got up, but it appears to have been awhile)

And after church, we had lunch at Panera. I forget what we actually ate, but Carson picked out a carrot cake cupcake for dessert (because it was the biggest; not because of any real love for carrot cake)

The weather the few days before had been rather sunny. I loved this view from the top of our street showing where exactly the sun was hitting and melting snow. Excuse the dirty window; that's salt from the road.

After I took a nap that afternoon, Carson made dinner.

We had roasted asparagus, mushroom fettuccine AND a mushroom flat-bread. I couldn't finish all of this Carson-portioned plate but it was good!

Since I didn't put those pictures up earlier in the week, I'll just go ahead and share the pictures from my birthday party.

Carson threw me a party at the home of our good friends, the Wilsons. It wasn't a surprise, but he wanted to be able to invite our friends with kids and since our house isn't kid-friendly (it's very boring for kids unless they only like children's books), he asked Cory and Jasmine. They were willing so he forged ahead.

With the helpful advice of my friends Claire and Lana, the party's theme was black and white. I was pleasantly surprised that every single person that night wore black and/or white. We looked a bit like a group going to a funeral, which I didn't anticipate earlier, but it was really fun to see everyone dressed in their own interpretations.
Here are pictures.

Claire and Deanna put together a number of "Lindsay trivia" questions. Everyone put what they thought was true of me, and then at the end I gave the correct answers and everyone scored their points, determining the winner. There were a few that tied for first, and Carson was among them.

This isn't everyone; Cory was taking the picture, Jasmine and the kids were upstairs getting ready for bed, and Zach and Amy and their kids had already left. But it was a sizeable and very fun group of friends. Here are a few of the variations of this picture, since so many were taken (and see what I meant about a funeral?).

We stayed until after 11 talking and laughing before finally cleaning up and leaving Cory and Jasmine in peace. It was a fun birthday week!

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