Monday, January 27, 2014

Painted Knife Block

I was once browsing Pinterest one day and saw an idea I loved. Someone had painted their knife block and put a vinyl monogram decal on it. It looked easy enough so I went for it. The tutorial I saw was hand painted, but to make it even easier, I used a can of spray paint (that I already had from painting a lamp). I wiped down my knife block with soap and water, dried it off and took it into the basement for a few coats of paint.

Hours later, I put the knives back in (carefully, since I didn't let it sit for 24 hours like I probably should have) and admired the easiest thing I'd ever done. I didn't use a vinyl decal because I A) Didn't have one and B) The metal logo plate serves as a visual interest like the monogram would have done.

It's holding up really well (it's been a week), but if it decides not to, I'll just attack it with another coat of paint! 

1 comment:

  1. I know someone who can take care of the vinyl decal issue for you. I'm pretty sure she'd want to know the dimensions, color, and text. ;)


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