Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Testimony to a Very Faithful God

I'm back home.
For the last time as a Norman.
That part feels odd.

I've realized being here this time that "this is it!" This is the last time I'll be here sharing my family's last name and keeping a majority of my things here, coming back on every break for weeks or months. I've wondered for a long time whether or not I'd end up back here and I guess for now, the answer is no. That's difficult and strange, but it's not bad at all... Not only because I'm really excited about the next phase of life, but also because I know that God is leading and I really am content in that.

Content!? Is it really me saying that, with all honesty? Yes, it must be. It's not the first time I've said it, but somewhere along the road, I must have learned how to be satisfied in God.
More likely, His work in my life every year and every day convinces me that I can trust Him and be content in Him. It's not me at all... that's why I can be content. The next breath or day or month or year or season rests on Him and not on me at all. Such a relief to trust someone with your life fully and not wonder and worry or think of better ways for it to be handled.

As I went through papers and letters I've kept through the years, I found a printed email that I've kept and reflected on through the years, from my wonderful encouraging friend, Erin. Here's a snippet: "Keep entrusting yourself into His hands Lindsay and rejoice with the anticipation and expectation of that great and glorious "unknown thing" He has purposed for you to do!" She closed the email with "Rest in Him!"

I don't feel boastful at all to say that I think my life has been a testimony to God's faithfulness, at least personally. What I mean by that is that when I look at the things going on right now, I can always look back and see God at work. It is clear that He works through His word, and obviously by the godly friends, like Erin, whose words have been used in huge ways. I am thankful, SO terribly thankful, that He challenges, grows and nudges me and is alive and that I can look back and thank Him for all He's done and how He's used people, and look forward with expectancy.

As I prepare to become a Bay, I can't help but be thankful for all God has done in my life as a Norman. He has very clearly made all of this happen. All praise to Him alone.

And oh! Rest in Him.

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