Sunday, November 29, 2009

thanksgiving weekend

There has been much to be thankful for, as of late (as in, this year).
My Thanksgiving didn't seem destined to be that great, but it turned out to be so good.
Enjoyed time relaxing and enjoying time with friends, talking to family on the phone, and being thankful.

On Wednesday night we went ice skating at Riverfront. Here's Angela, Jamilla and I... Carson went too but there wasn't a group picture of all four of us.
Thursday was, of course, Thanksgiving. Angela spent the weekend with me so we turned on the Macy's Parade when we got up and began to cook - she made lasagna and I made a pumpkin pie. Both were delicious!

We took our creations to Scott and Wendy's for dinner, where they joined other yummy foods:
Scott and Wendy were so kind to open their home to some of us family-less Moody students. It was so good to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ and share some of what God has been doing this year, to share what we're thankful for, and just enjoy time with these people.

After we ate, we played Balderdash for awhile, then retired to the den to watch "Up" (very cute movie) and eat all the desserts.
It was definitely bittersweet not to be with family this year, especially since my dad's side of the family was all over there, but it was a wonderful time of relaxing and fellowshipping with one another over here.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a blessing to you as well!

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  1. Did you find "Up" to be sad? I was so sad watching that beginning part...but it is a good movie, no?


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