Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sandwiches and Frost and Christmas

Carson got published in this journal!

We finished all of Gilmore Girls early this past spring, and Carson really enjoyed it also. So when Netflix offered the new Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, we were really excited to watch it. We enjoyed most of it, thought some parts were a little strange (the musical!) and my favorite episode was Fall. I anticipated the ending.

A beautiful late fall day! There aren't often sailboats out anymore.

Carson wore this out running and asked if it looked good. I took this picture and then he laughed.

I was working on this awhile ago... painted on posterboard to give us something to put on our wall.

December 6 was St. Nicholas Day. On the night of December 5, children leave their shoes out and wake up to candy and small gifts placed inside by St Nicholas himself. We went to the Christmas markets that night where I had a run-in with St Nick himself. He doesn't look quite like he's pictured back home!

We visited a Doener place that's highly rated, and discovered that we actually prefer our normal place near our house. This was okay, but not our favorite.

The lake has started to freeze over. We've been taking lots of walks around it even though it's chilly.

On the way to church recently, this bush was all covered in frost. It still hasn't snowed, but this looked quite wintery.

And last but not least, I've been making a lot of fried egg sandwiches. I found a great way to fry the egg, put a slice of cheese on it, and place it on toasted bread. We've had these for a quick dinner several times. Since our toaster oven is so small, if we have veggies or something to go with it, we cook those later. We're super fancy and have our meals in courses :)

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