Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Park Guell

After La Sagrada Familia, we went to Park Guell. We decided to walk there. The internet mentioned it as being an uphill walk, and it was, but it wasn't an unreasonably uphill walk. 

The park has a free area that anyone can walk around, and then there's an area that you have to pay for that has all the tile and pretty things. The Gaudi House inside the not-free part is something you have to pay even more to tour. We went into the not-free part and not the museum because it wasn't something we were that interested in seeing, but also enjoyed the free part of the park! It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site so they only allow a certain amount of people in the park every half hour, which meant we had ample time to explore until we went into the main park.

We had a terrific view of Barcelona from this park and we'd picked the best day of all to visit because it was warm in the sunshine!

Framed by the trees on the left is the Sagrada Familia, and you can also see some other places we visited throughout the city on the right.

We walked around after that and ended up back in the Gothic Quarter for dinner. 

This was the night before Carson's birthday, so for a pre-birthday dinner he wanted a burger. He said it was great! We sat outside at a restaurant with heaters so we were warm despite the chillier night air. 

We all called it a night early and got to bed at a reasonable time after doing some laundry at the hotel and packing our things. The next morning, we made breakfast at the hotel after sleeping in, and then we headed to the airport early just in case security lines were long. Carson and I spent that night in Dusseldorf because it was his birthday, which I already shared!

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