Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 in Review

Here we are at the end of 2017!

January 2017
Frozen all over Europe!
We celebrated 2017 with lots of fireworks
It snowed for the first time!
Danita and Fern came to visit us!
We traveled to Marburg, Rothenburg, Munich, Dachau Concentration CampNeuschwanstein Castle, Innsbruck, Zurich, Strasbourg and Heidelberg, finally showing them Muenster

February 2017
Nyhavn in Copenhagen. 14 February
We'd lived in Germany for six months!
We went to Copenhagen, Denmark during the semester break
We spent Valentine's Day in Copenhagen
Found out that Lindsay was pregnant (February 17)
Made a last minute trip to Cologne for Karneval 

March 2017
Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. 26 March
Lindsay turned 28
We went to Cleveland for Chris and Megan's wedding
We lost our fourth baby
We went to Berlin for the Fulbright Conference

April 2017
Temple of Poseidon in Sounion, Greece. 1 April
Amsterdam, Netherlands. 18 April
We went to Greece with some of our Fulbright family!
We traveled back to Munich for a symposium
Fulbright family came to visit over Easter
We did Amsterdam in an afternoon!

May 2017
Prinzipalmarkt on our 7th anniversary. 22 May

Colosseum in Rome. 27 June
The first half of this month wasn't busy at all! Things got a little crazier starting on the 20th when we headed to Bavaria. Other than that, we hoped for warmer weather in Germany, and spent time there.
Carson went to Groningen in the Netherlands for a conference
Met up with some Fulbright Family in W├╝rzburg where Carson ran a half marathon
We celebrated seven years of marriage
The Kings met us for a long weekend in Rome!

June 2017
Berliner Dom in Berlin, Germany. 11 June 
June seemed to pass by quickly and felt busy, even though it really wasn't so much. We traveled for over a week, which took up some time, but we also stayed in Munster for quite some time.
Lindsay had surgery
My parents came to visit! We traveled to Munich, Neuschwanstein CastleBerlin, Munster and Amsterdam with them.

July 2017
Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg, Austria. 3 July.

Louvre Pyramids, Paris, France. 5 July.

Glencoe, Scottish Highlands. 12 July
Bluffton, South Carolina. 27 July

Family get together. 30 July

This was a busy month that passed so quickly from all the travel and activities
Carson attended a conference in Salzburg
Lindsay went to Paris with Jaime
We visited Edinburgh, Scotland for a conference
We marveled at how quickly a year had passed in Germany and moved back to the States
We spent a little over a week in Beaufort

August 2017

We returned to Tallahassee
We went to Jacksonville for Grayson's second birthday party
Carson went back to Berlin for a conference
School and work started in Tallahassee
We went tubing in the Florida panhandle
Carson's rafting trip

September 2017

We went to the beach
We survived Hurricane Irma
Tuck joined the family

October 2017

November 2017
Epcot Wine and Dine Festival
SBL in Boston
Thanksgiving in Beaufort

December 2017
Carson turned 31
Christmas in Maryland
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