Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Cheery Home

So I really love this house so much that I'm afraid that people think that I'm bragging every time I show pictures of it. And I guess in a way I am, because it's so cute and so perfect. It's really going to be sad to leave such a cute house - we really lucked out. It's fun to rearrange things, take old things out and put them in new places, and to sit and admire the great wood floors and the fun archways and trim.

I'm really loving this bookcase in its new home downstairs. It's fun to see our books in a different way - partially because they're organized in a different way, and partially because we could never really see them from far away while they were upstairs.

As much as I love new books, I love the cracked, worn bindings of some of my old favorites. 

On this shelf, I put a box I bought in Ukraine one year, a picture from my trip to the Netherlands, and this neat canvas/painting my mom bought for me last Christmas. I think it's from here. I went through a phase my first year in college where I read almost nothing but poetry (LOVED my literature class), so this shelf is in tribute to that.

One this shelf, some of my favorite books, a picture from the day we got engaged, the painting of Washington I did on a cardboard box, and a little owl from my mother-in-law that's actually a lip gloss but looks too cute to use.

And then of course, we have the basket of children's books. We found a couple more fun ones at a local thrift store (the same one that provided us with a table, a mirror, a rocking chair and our coffee table). I never put my Christmas books away so they're in there too, which makes it look like we added more than two books.

I found this great little Etsy shop with quite a few things that I wanted, and decided to pick one small thing to purchase. I chose this little print. It's actually a postcard, but I wanted to put it in a frame that I already had, so it's just perfect.

On this little table, there's a crooked lamp, a Scentsy warmer from my sister, an owl vase (from my mother-in-law and yes the owls are an intended theme - click here for that story) and a wedding picture on a canvas.

The little stand I bought to hold the picture up was apparently made for holding feathers, because it kept tipping over, so Carson bent wire to make it stand up, thinking it was a temporary fix and lo and behold, it worked perfectly!

This isn't in the living room, but it's right next door, so I thought I'd include. These shelves had been getting a little disorganized and crazy. There were plastic cups in one of them, plates on another, so I took everything down and rearranged. Now my cookbooks have a home (I typically use the internet for recipes, but they're easy to access with the help of a nearby chair) and everything is nice and tidy again. I love these cheery shelves. 

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