Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Groundhog Should Be Fired

Growing up, I can't really remember the transition from one season to the next. 
There were no changing leaves, no first snowfall of the year (it snowed the year I was born and again when I was almost 21). I remember boxing up the summer clothes at some point, but I also remember needing to break out the shorts at Christmas time. It felt like it took FOREVER for the pool to open and the pool opened in April. I remember putting on sweaters and turning the heater on when it got below 60 degrees out. I remember sweating in short sleeves around bonfires in late October. 

Looking back, my life was rather idyllic. 

If it were up to me, the transition from winter to summer would happen overnight - I'd wake up and the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, grass is green, skies are blue, self tanner isn't necessary...

Today, the first day of spring, I woke up and looked outside. There was sunshine! However, it was also 23 degrees and 3 inches of snow still taunt me from the ground. Snowmen lose their charm in March, don't they?

That groundhog that predicted only a few more weeks of winter should probably not be allowed to predict the weather anymore (but then again, why were we trusting a rodent in the first place).

I wanted to mention that it warmed my heart greatly to hear Carson say today that he's looking at PhD programs closer to my "neck of the woods" (he means hometown). The shorter drive to family would be fantastic, but at this point, I'm really sort of in it for the warm weather. 

Watch, we're going to end up in Maine, where we'll break out the shorts for the first time in July.

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  1. Yes. All of the above. Except I can't say my husband is interested in our "neck of the woods."



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