Friday, February 8, 2013

We Went to a Wedding

So we went to a wedding for a coworker recently. We decided that it had the best food we've ever had at a wedding (and we've been to some amazing ones). There was an appetizer buffet, a dessert buffet, an open bar and a plated dinner with salmon and steak. We left full and happy. There was also a photo booth, which we loved. I got some pictures with my coworkers and with Carson. I've included one of the two of us and one with our friends Heather and Evan - funny story, Evan is my good friend Rachel's brother. We work together - he was the one who told me that there was an opening there in the first place. We got connected with our church through him too. Small world! 
Anyway, pictures. We looked a million times better at the beginning of the evening, but here we are when we got back home. 

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