Thursday, February 28, 2013

Little Changes, Part Two

So, I've always wanted curtains... long, touch-the-floor curtains. I've considered purchasing them, but have discovered that I am frugal, at least where curtains are concerned. I've thought about making them, but to get fabric I'd really love, and to sew all of those long straight stitches scared me; plus, it's not always the most cost-effective way to go either. 

Every time I went to Target, or TJ Maxx, or Tuesday Morning or a similar store, I'd see what was up for grabs in the clearance section. Apparently, people aren't fond of purple and dark red... because those are the ones primarily on sale. I'm not fond of super mismatched curtains, nor is my color scheme purple and red, so I left the stores disappointed that I never found a set of drapes for $8. 

Long story short (not sure why I AM making this a long story), Groupon had a sale on long brown curtains - $30 for 4. Done. They shipped faster than the promised 6 weeks (I think they came in 1) and they work perfectly. They let in light but also let the room look more "finished". 

And then Bed, Bath and Beyond had two polka dot valances on sale for $4 each, so I bought those, knowing that though they may not go with our room currently, they work, and they could possibly work in a future guest room or kids' room... I felt like I had to buy them because I couldn't pass up $4 and had a bunch of gift cards.

The other change is in our room... we moved the rocking chair (Carson found it at a thrift store) upstairs under this little window. It makes a cozy nook for reading or just storing folded clothes (*ahem*).

Love how homey our little space is getting!

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