Sunday, October 1, 2017

September Life

Carson dropped me off at work, and then ran to grab me a sandwich for me lunch later. Check out the name on that Coke.

We went to our first Food Truck Thursday since we've been back.

Spotted in the drive thru at work - thankfully this was outside, but it was just massive!

Hanging out before I left for work.

When we first got Tuck, we left him gated just in case he was a destroyer. I think we only tried this for a week or so, because he was so sad, and because he has never messed anything up when we've been gone.

His poor little eye.

Granddaddy and Grandmama stopped by on their way home from New Orleans to say hi to me at work. I gave them the rocks Carson had collected in Oregon.

That fang though.

He's a little scared of the vertical blinds, and won't go near them.

First day of fall! It was slightly cooler that day, but still I think around 80.

Carson really wanted a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but it was really hot, so he got us Frappucinos instead.

Tuck's first visit to the dog park! He liked it, but wasn't super friendly with other dogs. He really just wanted to chase his tennis ball.

Tuck won't just totally destroy things, but he will decide things are fun toys from time to time and mess with them. He found this loofah in the bathroom and took it for a minute before I reclaimed it (after a picture of course!)

He's not a big fan of the kitchen and we can only assume that he wasn't allowed in the kitchen in his last home.

Artistic hot dog arranging by Josh King.

Tuck met Josh and Christina, and everyone liked one another.

Our church did a series on worship this fall, and we had a Night of Worship in the middle of the week. It was refreshing.

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