Friday, October 6, 2017

It's a Hard-Knock Life

We had to take Tuck to the vet late the other night because he'd woken up with a gooey, winky eye. It wasn't any better when we got home from work, so after we'd googled and also called the vet, we decided to take him in. 

Comforting our boy after the mean old doctor and nurse took him for examination. We heard him yelp. 

It turns out that he had a tiny ulcer on his cornea, so he was given some gel to put on his eye, and a fun cone to wear 24/7. He was NOT thrilled about the experience and tried to wriggle out of the cone.

Trying to cuddle up in bed with the cone was harder than anticipated.

Made it work.

Still playing even with the cone. He looks like the hissing dragon things from Jurassic Park.

We took him to Petco to cheer his spirits and to finally get him a name tag, and we also got him this bone he liked by the checkout. He decided to sit in the entryway to get a head start on it.

Poor ol' Winky.

Sunday afternoon naps with the invalid.

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