Thursday, November 24, 2016

Mostly Pictures from Walks

We decided that it was time to explore the area that's west of us. I didn't know that it was west before we got back and I looked it up on a map, but it was! We took a Sunday afternoon walk and saw some new countryside, leaves, and enjoyed a peaceful afternoon. 

These buildings looked very beachy to us. 

We found a pile of leaves and jumped into it. I made the mistake of sort of diving/sliding into it which made breathing a bit difficult, but all's well that ends well, right?

This blurry picture shows bunnies. There are so many rabbits here! I have seen one squirrel in all of Germany, but hundreds of rabbits.

 We walked past this shrine.

And fields

And found a playground with no children (it was pretty cold, I don't blame them).

This basket is fun. You sit in it and turn the thing in the middle to make it spin. Our hands were icy cold and so was the metal so this was difficult.

Google told us that there WAS a place with Pad Thai in town! We checked it out one evening. It was pricier than most of the meals we have out, but I think it was worth it.

The Super Moon happened, and we tried to see it. We remembered right after Carson got out of the shower and after we'd gotten ready for bed, so we bundled up and headed outside where we saw... nothing. Note Carson's footwear. It was under 30 degrees.

We went out several times hoping to catch this huge moon (on our walk home the night before we'd noticed a low and large and very orange moon but didn't know about the super moon). The last time, I thought I could see it from the back yard, so I climbed out the window. Not successful, and it's pretty hard to climb back in a window when you're short.

A few days later, we walked out the same way we had a few days before. My phone battery got too cold and shut off that day (I've read this is a problem with lithium ion batteries, even when they're not close to dead), but I wanted to take pictures of the pretty flowers and things we'd seen on our walk home. So I kept my phone warm in my pocket and it was fine this time. These were so lovely to me, and pretty good for an iPhone, right?

We walked through a couple of the grocery stores in Mecklenbeck (that's where we were, my map app said). It's fun walking through stores here because the things they sell are so unique!

I've been wanting to get a lamp or something so that we had some softer lighting than just the bright overhead lights. I decided Christmas lights were the way to go and then found these little light balls. I draped them over the bookcase in our room and they're perfect!

 I found some star lights for a corner in the living room too.

I saw a video online about these 3D scanners that you can step into and get a little model made of yourself. Well, I guess there's one here! I can't think of a reason I'd want to do this of us, but I think it's actually pretty neat.

The lighting is weird here but here's what I've ended up with on our living room wall: postcards from our trips here and some cards we've been sent! The desk is just under this and houses the toaster oven.

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