Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fair-ly Good Weekend

On Friday evening, we decided to check out the Volksfest going on at the Schlossplatz. It was a whole carnival and was very fun to people watch. Despite a contrary weather forecast, it decided to rain, and we didn't ride any rides, but we really enjoyed ourselves. We've never been to anything like this together and so we decided to go to a state fair or something when we get back. 

A Gyro (I know those look like fries but they really killed it with onions!) and cotton candy

We stopped by the grocery store and I thought I'd take a picture of all the Capri Sun options here. Capri Sun is popular. I've seen adults chugging one down and have seen it in many a vending machine. Google tells me that it's originally German, which probably explains its popularity!

Saturday was a beautiful day. The sun was shining! It was nice to wear a lighter jacket and to enjoy sun on our faces.

We went to the weekly market, where Carson had some coffee.

And we enjoyed walking around the stalls of produce, fresh spices, flowers, baked goods, and all kinds of things. This is a fun market that happens every Wednesday and Saturday.

We went in search of a pumpkin, and were successful! We also bought some cheap mandarin oranges (and later discovered that a similar sized bag is on sale for 88 cents at the grocery store!)

So many Luthers lined the streets for Reformation Day.

You'll have to look closely, but you can see them on both sides of the street. I'm not sure if they went down any other streets.

Walking home.

On Sunday, we sang one song whose tune we recognized (Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, pictured here) and one song in English (Be Thou My Vision). We still struggled to find anyone to talk to us and really aren't sure how to go about it! We're in a weird stage of life and I think if we had kids or something that would create a talking point, but as it is, we're too old for young adult stuff and there's not a lot for our age group!

Annelyse was in town for the ZEBRA film festival, and she stayed on our couch for the weekend. She was busy every other day, but after we got home from church, the three of us walked to the Altstadt for some really tasty pasta. So far, anything Italian-food here has been absolutely top notch. This is Carson's. See the cube of pumpkin!?

And a selfie before she headed for more festival and we headed home for Carson to nap.

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