Thursday, September 22, 2016


On our last weekend in Marburg, the Fulbright leader, Rebecca, arranged for us to take a cooking course! Carson and I attended the Sunday evening course since we were out of town the day before. It was so much fun! It was a SIX HOUR class (4-10pm), and we'd heard from the Saturday class that they didn't eat until 9:30, so several of us met up earlier and had Doener before the class.  
Before we stopped, we realized that we'd not timed it right for the bus so we had to eat and run (literally... not a grand idea to run while eating semi-heavy food on a moderately warm day) about 2 miles there. 
The class was in the back of this rather large building and we arrived about 10 minutes late. I didn't think that was so bad for missing the bus and jogging, except of course that Germans are punctual, as were the other Fulbrighters who didn't stop for Doener and did get on the correct bus at the correct time.

Our instructor spoke only German, but thankfully communicated enough that we understood which things to chop or wash or stir.

Jenna, Sarah and Yitzi working on the potato and onion dish

The kitchen was so nice! It was big and light and even had a dishwasher and two ovens!

Working on soup and a plum red wine reduction dessert

We took our first break to enjoy wine (from Kloster Eberbach where we'd gone the day before!) and salads. The salads had a mixture of tuna, apple, garlic and lemon juice. They weren't bad and were well liked by most but I wasn't a big fan (too acidic and I have to be in the mood for something so fishy) and so Carson ate mine.

These group photos are taken from Jordyn's Facebook page

So many cooks in the kitchen!

Making Spaetzel, a flat noodle. Everyone got a turn with this!

I was given the task of making whipped cream and putting it on the desserts. Someone else arranged them in a very pretty way and I just sort of plopped whipped cream on in a not pretty way.

At last (at 8:30pm) dinner was served!
From the bottom, we have leeks (a surprisingly amazing dish, my second favorite), Spaetzel, potato and onion casserole, roast beef in cream sauce, bread, mushroom and lentil in sauce (my favorite), Spaetzel. Before we ate all these dishes, we had the soup we made. It reminded me so much of soups in Ukraine. I think eating at a long table with lots of people in another country made that connection in my head more than the soup's taste.

After we ate and had our dessert, it was time to clean up! We rushed to get out the door by 10 so we could make the 10:04 bus.

This was a really fun thing and I'm so glad it was offered! Even though it was very long, we had a great group and I'd do it again!

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