Monday, September 5, 2016


Over the weekend, we went to see the family of Carson's Florida State colleague in Gottingen! Carson convinced David to apply for the Fulbright last year and it's pretty exciting that two people from the same department were selected! They have three children so they moved to their host city instead of coming to Marburg so their kids could start school and probably because having kids in a dorm would be a bit of a squeeze and a pretty loud environment for naptimes and such (I have to sleep with earplugs because it's too loud for me!). It was a reasonable hour and a half train ride, and we got to see some of the more rural areas north of Marburg on our way!

Right before we left, we saw this hedgehog. I've never seen one this size before in the States but they're all over in the woods here and they're big! Larger than a guinea pig (if that's the bigger one between that and a hamster). He was a little scared when we stepped up to take the picture though.

The Skeltons took us to their favorite restaurant. I had this tasty handmade ravioli.

They brought me this cute little bouquet at the train station! There were lots of flowers being sold around there. I'm not sure if it's region specific (even though it's close, we are in different states - Marburg is in Hesse and Gottingen is in Lower Saxony), but they were all so lovely!

We stopped by this statue. Apparently kissing it brings good luck, but we didn't try.

In an alleyway, we came across a little flea market, and this was the ceiling in there!

We walked around exploring with them and looking at the quaint buildings. Gottingen is refreshingly hill-free and I'm really thankful for that!

TK Maxx... wait, what?

Talking all things RWA.

They live in a very family-centric apartment building. Strollers and bikes galore and not one was chained for safety! There's also a park next door that even has a zipline for kids!

Shooting the breeze with Atticus.

Florida State Fulbrighters!

Bedtime for Bonzo... I don't know what that means but my dad says it :)

Carson and I got up to make the train before everyone else was awake. There weren't any buses traveling at 6am, so we walked to the train station. It was less than two miles and we got to see the university where David studies and see the sun rise.

I thought that the palm trees made this train station look very un-German, but it was fun!

We were the only ones in our train car for the 7am train to Kassel!

My favorite place in Germany so far is still Marburg. It feels a little like home, so I've been comparing everything else to it! Gottingen was pretty too, but we've come to really enjoy our little city!

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