Monday, August 1, 2016

Auf Wiedersehen, Tallahassee!

The time has come! We are off to Germany! 

We plan to return to Tallahassee, but because we will still be gone for a little while, our friends from church threw us a little party to say "auf wiedersehen". We had games and food and it was so fun. Kendal knows of our love for Jeopardy, so she found a way for us to play it. It was so fun and very sweet! Brent and Kendal even bought buzzers for us (the touch lights you see in the picture - genius!). It was later revealed that the categories were from children's jeopardy, and I'm thankful because it was a lot easier than normal Jeopardy! 

Christina made an "America" and a "Germany" banner as decorations.

And Kendal got this great cupcake cake for us with the German flag from Publix! She said when they picked it up the flag was upside down but it was a quick fix! This was such a thoughtful gesture :)

Carson and Josh went for the black icing and look like they've given up on dental hygiene.

Hadley joined their club! 

Tuesday was my last day at work! There have been a string of goodbye dinners for people at work in the past few months (summer in a college town) and since it was Evan's last day too, we had ours together. It was going to be at Liberty Bar (and I was excited because I've heard they have great food), but it turns out that they are closed in the evening on Tuesdays, so we went across the street instead to Fire Betty's. It has the bar on one side and an arcade on the other with token-activated games.  I'm not one for arcade games, but Carson is, and he quickly found a friend in my coworker Max! 

Part of the team from my branch: Ariel, me, Bisola, Kathy, Evan, and Max in front

Best boss ever! Bisola has become a great friend too! 

My two favorite people at work (and a photobomber in the background)

After everyone's tokens were used up, a few of us went to BJs for dinner. 

I've really enjoyed this job and it's certainly been the best one I've had in a number of years. I'm hoping to be able to go back to work there once we return from Germany next summer, and they claim they'd like to have me back too so we will see! 

The next night, we got together with the Kings and the Holmes at Sky Zone. We used the last three free jumps on the card we used at work a few weeks earlier, and we had a great time. From all the packing and moving, I was sore and my jumping abilities were pretty limited, but it was still so fun. I even tried out the basketball (and didn't do well, but still).

We stayed Wednesday and Thursday nights with the Kings. We moved everything out and cleaned on Wednesday night (Christina came over and helped, sweet friend that she is) and then spent the next two days finishing things up with the apartment and sort of relaxing once everything was in storage. 

Christina has a gel manicure set and I tried it out. I've always wanted to see what it's like and it's awesome. I want to get one of these when I return to the states.

After a day of errands, we went to Food Truck Thursday at Lake Ella. We love going down there, and it seemed like a great casual way to meet up with friends before we left the next morning. A group from Carson's program came down and a few from church as well. 

Here's the Florida State group

And here I am with Amber and Christina (and Tristyn in the stroller)

Beautiful sunset that evening

We watched a couple episodes of the newest season of Madame Secretary on Netflix with the Kings before going to bed. We got up the next morning and headed out of Tallahassee. Until next year!

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