Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Pictures

We found coats for Germany! It felt strange to be buying these when it was nearly 100 degrees outside, but we found deals at the Eddie Bauer outlet. You will likely be seeing these in pictures a lot. 

 Power outage = reading by candlelight. More fun than the packing and laundry I was going to do.


I was looking at this bracelet I've had for years. It doesn't have my correct monogram anymore, but I still want to wear it. I was brushing my teeth when it occurred to me that toothpaste might help polish this sucker, and I was correct.

We borrowed Dad's truck for the month so we could sell our car. It was hard to get used to, but kind of nice to ride in a car with air conditioning and also nice to be so far off the ground!


They opened a new Pitaria near us and we love Pitaria so we had to try it out. Delish.

Meals we've had in July have been mostly "things left in the fridge" and dinners out. Not great quality. Here are chicken fingers. I don't even remember buying these.

More packing. 

More packing.

Carson finished three out of four comps in July. This was his language comprehensive exam and he aced it.

We had a gift card so we went to Red Lobster one night, for the biscuits. 

After the first round of boxes went in storage, it looked like we'd been robbed and ransacked. 

Josh took this of Carson when they moved things into the unit. Yikes. 

My Sorel boots had fur on them and I don't love fur, so I had Carson cut it out when I was supposed to be packing. Procrastination helps you get things done when you should be doing more important things.

Muuuuch better.

Here we are in 2009 the day before we got engaged, and in 2016, in the same place. Carson especially looks like a baby in the first one. 

And again, same thing. Becca couldn't make this picture but we took another when she was around!

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