Saturday, January 30, 2016

Table and Chairs

We refinished our table! It's been something I've wanted to do for a long time, but doubted that it would ever happen. For one, the tabletop is linoleum or something, and the whole project just seemed daunting. Secondly, I didn't think Carson would agree to it.

Thankfully he did and so one weekend we decided to tackle the beast. It took longer than anticipated because oil based paint takes forEVER to dry, but it was finished within the weekend and we're pretty proud. 

We went with an oil based primer and a Rustoleum oil based gloss white paint for the top and the chairs (which were a last-minute addition to the project, one Carson sort of regretted at the time). The navy bottom was Carson's choice. It was between white and gray, and since the whole thing was my project, I let him have the final say. We used a color called Royal Navy by Valspar. The power went out in Lowes as we stood waiting for our paint to be mixed, so it took a little for their systems to go back on, but it was finally finished and we were off to paint! (as a side note, that would be a terrible place to be in a long blackout. Lots of helpful flashlights and things but it was so very dark in that split second moment.)

We did one coat of primer on everything, two coats of white on the tabletop and chairs, and three coats of navy on the base. We then did a coat of poly on the top of the table to seal it, but sort of regret it because it's yellowed a little in the weeks following. Strange. 

Anyway, here's the photo evidence of our weekend. 

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