Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dear Graceanna

Dear Graceanna,
You're two years old today! On the day you were born, I was frantically checking my phone, since I knew that your mama was in the hospital waiting on you to make an entrance. I was traveling home from my cousin Morgan's wedding that day, and you were born between the Tampa airport and the Atlanta airport, for me. When I finally got that text, of your sweet little sleeping face in a green hat, I was so excited. I told the person sitting next to me on the plane to Cleveland all about you because I had to tell SOMEONE. . 

I didn't get to meet you until you were two months old. You were so serious, but loved when people talked to you (I found some videos if you want to see them, Jillian?). You were a real trooper with your crazy "aunts", Emily and myself, as we went on all kinds of adventures around DC. 

Graceanna, I'm so thankful that you were born. I've known your mama for ten years now, and I love seeing her as your mom. I've loved watching you grow, seeing pictures and videos of all your developments and milestones. You have been such a blessing to the people around you and so sweet and innocent in difficult times. I look forward to witnessing you grow up into a young woman and (a little more time-sensitive) am so excited to see you become a big sister! 

I love you so much, sweet girl.

"Aunt" Lindsay

Two months old 

10 months old

13 months old

Almost two years old!

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  1. oh. my. goodness. So sweet. Love having you as my little girl's "aunt" and my sweet friend. Here's to another decade dearest! :-)

    ...and yes, I'd love to see the videos.

  2. LOVE! you and that little girl.. and her momma. yay for being "crazy" aunts!


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