Saturday, December 8, 2012

Carson's Room

Did you know that in this house, Carson has his own room?

I hope you read more than just that sentence, and I have this feeling that I'll know if you didn't because I'll be getting concerned phone calls. What I meant to say is that Carson has a room that he alone uses. It bears this sign on the door (that I made a few months ago). We actually call it his office, because I feel like to have a "Man Cave", there should be a pool table and at least one neon sign, probably a hundred or so fewer books, less concrete, more cushy couches. Actually, my knowledge of the "Man Cave" comes only from my scant views of quality HGTV programming, so what do I know?

This is what you see when you first look inside (this is also why it was not exactly a sacrifice when he said, "Hey, do you think this could be my office?" It's next to the source of heat in our house, which means that it's in the basement and not my ideal temperature 90% of the time. 

 Carson built this desk in September. The chair and the top of the desk were given to him by a friend and he went to work making the bottom shelves for it.

I'm pretty sure that this used to be a bar at one time (furthering the "Man Cave" image?) but it actually reminds me more of a stable. No, I don't believe that it was used for that (those basement stairs are too steep for a horse), but still, look at the thing! Carson keeps his vast collection of supplements down here.

Since it's that time of year and there's no working outlet outside, he's plugged our outdoor lights in down here. Actually, I noticed that they were off so I went down to plug them in and thought that since I had my camera in hand (to take a picture of our outdoor lights), I might as well show you this room.

Oh, and this is the other side of the room. Apparently the fireplace does work, but our landlord asked us kindly to just use the fireplace upstairs. This one is wood burning though. But it does make this look more like a study than a random room in the cold basement. 

 Anyway, thanks for enjoying this tour of Carson's room.

If you're wondering, that's the extent of secret rooms in our house. We do have a creepy little crawl-space attic upstairs but every time I open it, I think there are dead animals in there (it's actually leftover insulation) and it just looks scary so I don't think there will be any photos of that unless you ask. 

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