Wednesday, December 19, 2012

26 Years of Carson

I posted a few days ago about Carson's birthday, so instead of using words, I'll go with my second-favorite medium: pictures. LOTS of pictures. MANY more than 26. Sorry about that. 

Happy 26th! 
I know that I used this picture, but seriously - how cute was he? He told me he was an ugly baby because he was "too fat". No such thing as a too-fat baby, in my opinion. 
His hair still stands straight up like this when I cut it.

His senior picture.
Our first date.

The day he surprised me by visiting Beaufort. 
The night we got engaged 

Engaged. One of my favorites. 

Engaged... and in bad need of a haircut (woah)

Right before our wedding. Another favorite.
No idea when this was... oh right, our wedding!

Our honeymoon. Facing off with Spider Man.

Honeymoon. Swimming with Sea Lions!
Our first home - scary.
Oh dear, that look! By the way, that baby is now one of the cutest kids ever.

Our first summer. I told him he had ice cream on his face so he did this.
He loves ice-cold water.
Our second home, in Spokane, pre-furniture. 

Road trip to Olympia

No idea

Kids love him! In the next picture, there are three blurry kids jumping on him

Stylish while grading papers.

I sorted through dozens of food-and-Carson pictures. This was on my birthday one year. 

Typical picture pose.

Also typical. 

This one just cracks me up. 

When I say, "smile!", he usually does this really cheesy weird smile.

His college graduation

"Let's take a nice picture in the flower garden". Yes, yes that is exactly what I had in mind.

We used to do nursery during the Sunday school hour every week. They LOVED him, but he still has never changed a diaper.

Canada, Spring Break 2012

We had an argument about his hair being too long. I won, because this is NOT a good look.

My college graduation.

Columbia Gorge, July 2012
With his Momma

Mount Rushmore

Ready to take on grad school
Another famous Carson pose and mmm! Chinese food!

The sleepy look

First roller coaster. 
I really don't remember if he was posing or not.


  1. My most favorite of all is the "post-haircut." Happy birthday Carson!

  2. great pictures! happy bday carson!!!


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