Monday, February 26, 2018

Baby Bay is a...

 We had a little gender reveal party so that we could learn whether Baby Bay was a little girl or a little boy!

We met at the playground at Tom Brown Park at 10am, since most of our friends had kids, so they had something to do. We snagged a table and decorated it with pink and blue candies.

Carson was insistent that I do the old wives tales gender tests, which turned out to be pretty split. We had everyone sign their guesses of baby's gender, and we remained neutral. Neither of us was sure what baby was, but our ultrasound tech had made an early gender guess of girl, and I did have a (really weird and therefore untrustworthy) dream that we would have a girl, so maybe we were guessing girl more than boy.

We had a few things to eat there, but before we partook of those, we decided to find out! My friend Caroline was the one with the gender envelope, and she found this big black balloon at Party City and filled it with confetti. She couldn't actually be there, last-minute, so nobody at the party knew what we were having!

It turned out that I couldn't reach the balloon, so Carson grabbed the pin and took over.

It's a GIRL!

It was a breezy day, and alllll the glitter blew onto my head!

Tuck was super interested in the balloon as it popped, went over to sniff it, and then returned to his stick. He wasn't really concerned with his new sister.

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