Friday, September 8, 2017

Labor Day

For Labor Day, we decided to head on over to the beach! It had been a rather gloomy weekend, but the sun came out bright and early on Monday morning, which is coincidentally when we set out. We decided to go to Panama City, because we like the clear blue water and the bright white sand. It's in Central Time zone, so we gained an hour on the way there.

We brought watermelon and popcorn to snack on. I'd thought about bringing sandwiches too, but neither of us are fans of sandwich bread enough to keep it on hand all the time, so I just grabbed what we had. Carson is reading the Iliad here - the perfect beachy read!

It was a lovely day, and we ended it by picking up hot dogs on the way home to grill on our tiny new $9 gas grill we picked up at Walmart recently. It's small but the perfect size, and a lot faster than the charcoal grill we had been using! All in all, we spent Labor Day the way you're "supposed" to spend it - on the beach and with the grill. We were still in bed pretty early that night ready to enter the real world again the next day :)

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