Monday, August 7, 2017

Düsseldorf, the Last Hurrah

We spent the first half of our last day in Germany traveling from Münster, and the second half in Düsseldorf. After we'd checked in to our hotel there, we changed and took the SBahn into the city. 

We debated between a German meal and any other kind of meal for our last dinner in Germany and went with this burger place that advertised a special. Sometimes hamburgers in Germany can be a little weird, with strange sauces, but these were pretty good!

We wandered into a couple of stores but didn't buy anything. Everything was so crowded!

It was fun seeing the city again. It was the week before Christmas the last time we were here, and it got darker a LOT earlier (almost 7 hours earlier) and was looking festive then with the markets. I liked it in the summer too!

It threatened rain, which made the sky look really cool.

Carson enjoyed watching this old building being torn down.

We walked into this mall thing and browsed and then decided to get dessert. 

Carson mentioned that day that he had never ordered an Eiskaffee (cold coffee with ice cream and whipped cream) so I suggested that we order one, since we were less than 24 hours away from not being able to get one again. He enjoyed his, and I enjoyed my Eisschokolade, which I finished half of and then told him to mix with his to make it better.

We decided to return to the hotel relatively early since we had an early plane to catch. I showered and we sat there for a minute looking for TV channels in English. They had the news in English, but more interesting than that were Tom and Jerry cartoons in German... or should I say "Tom UND Jerry". All the titles and things and the voiceover was in German, and even though we didn't understand all that they were saying, we got the plots because you don't really need to know the language to know what's going on!

And that was our last day in Deutschland! From here on out, we'll be in the USA!

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