Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Three Days in Muenster

Our final stop for our 2017 trip was our own city. We got in super late on Tuesday night, thanks to train mixups and delays, set up the bedding and moved around furniture, and then went to sleep after a pretty late night. 

On Wednesday morning, we visited the market in front of the Dom and enjoyed a quick lunch there. Carson bought me some of my favorite flowers - tulips! Many of the flowers looked so springy and I was so happy to sense warm weather.

Danita made friends with a French Bulldog puppy.

Shoe shopping was a major highlight of the trip. Everyone came away with at least one new pair of shoes.

On day two, there was a mistake. I slept in while everyone went exploring. I was supposed to meet them but realized when I went to leave that Carson had given Fern and Danita my house key... so I was stuck until they came back to pick me up. Good news though - it was warm enough to wear just a sweater and a puffy vest. I haven't gone out without a coat in what feels like years, so this was more exciting than you know!

First we went to the Picasso Museum and saw the Matisse exhibit. I sneaked a picture.

Carson had to jet off to class, so the rest of us did some more shopping. We were at Toys R Us for something else and Danita thought we should take silly posed pictures so we did.

We walked to meet Carson and decided to hit the zoo. It's right next to the Natural History Museum, where we took a picture with a triceratops. 

The zoo, it turned out, was really pricey and also it closed at 4:30. It was 4:27 when we realized this, so we went home and Carson picked up dinner from our favorite Doener place.

The next day, we... you guessed it... shopped some more! We went to a fabric store

I made dinner the last night and the kitchen wouldn't behave. First, the burners and fridge turned off, so we had to flip the breakers but that happened several times in a row until finally I boiled water in the dark and wouldn't dare to open the fridge. Then, when I went to put it in the toaster oven, the timer worked but the heat didn't turn on and it was discovered when it went off thirty minutes later, so we had dessert first. It was a late dinner but in the end it was okay.

While we ate, we watched The Accountant. Danita gasped at all the tense parts, which was almost the entire movie :)

The next morning, everyone but me got up and left at 4:30 (Carson was supposed to wake me up to say goodbye but I forgot to communicate to him that it was his job so I just woke up when the sun came up). Carson rode with Fern and Danita until their first train change in Essen (his semester ticket gives him free transport on regional trains anywhere in NRW) and then came home.

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