Monday, June 6, 2016

Morgan and Gray Visit Tallahassee

The Coluccis have moved to Tennessee! Before they left, Morgan and Grayson came up for a visit. I had a Wednesday off work so they drove down Tuesday evening and we had 24 hours for a visit.
The last time Morgan was up in Tallahassee, she was pregnant with Gray, so this was his first time here! We hung out for a little while on Tuesday evening before a quick stop at Target for some mascara. From there, we went to visit some friends from Ocala who moved here about a month after we did, also for a doctoral program. 

After Grayson went to sleep, we made our pesto pasta and watched a movie. Or did we? Now that I say that I can't remember if we just talked or if we watched something. 

The next morning, Grayson was playing with my makeup while I got ready, and somehow used his magical baby powers to unscrew the lid to my foundation. It went all over the carpet but thankfully not in his mouth, and after that he just got to play with books. 

We went to Maple Street Biscuit Company. It seemed like a place Morgan would like too and I was correct. 

We took a mini walk around Cascades Park to sort of combat the calories, and also to see the geese. 

My Deer Cousin - I already miss us both living in Florida. We've gotten so much closer in the last few years and I loved that we took advantage of being nearby while we both lived in the sunshine state.

We came back and relaxed. Grayson was supposed to take a nap, but he decided he'd rather hang out with us instead.

They FaceTimed with Caleb and he gave us a tour of their new apartment in Knoxville. It's cute. 

In hopes that Grayson would fall asleep earlier since he skipped naptime, Morgan and Gray hit the road in the early evening. I like this series of pictures. 

I'm glad they were able to drive up for a visit! Can't believe we don't live in the same state anymore, but it was so fun to have while it lasted. 

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