Thursday, October 8, 2015

September Pictures

In September we...

Tried to befriend a skittish kitten. I thought cats liked fish and their food sort of looks like little crackers (I think... I've never actually had a cat) so I set some goldfish out and spied from the front door. She ate some but hasn't been back for more. Fine, cat. 

Learned how to remove stains around the collar. I use peroxide + dawn + a little water and it's magic. I've actually been quite good at getting stains out of things. Claim to fame. 

A random Saturday night dinner... we got ready to go and then it was rainy so we sat at home all day and then were still ready so we went to Ruby Tuesday for the salad bar and documented. 

Carson hard at work.

We took a walk around campus.

Could have been such a win... looked so good... this is a lesson to ALWAYS WATCH THINGS ON BROIL. A lesson for Carson. And the lesson for me is to always watch your husband when he puts things on broil? It just needed a few more minutes. The pineapple was great.

Half price cone day at Sonic. I only go for the slushies so maybe cones aren't new but they were to me. This was also the first day of fall. It was 90-something degrees.

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