Monday, July 13, 2015

Thomasville Weekending

One recent Saturday, Carson and I needed something to do. We thought about the beach, but all the driving didn't really appeal, so we got in the car intending to run some errands, and then just made it up from there. Before we left, Carson did what he's been doing lately and sorted and sold some of his books. You probably wouldn't be able to tell if you went into our house, but he's been getting rid of his boxes upon boxes of books.

We've seen commercials for downtown Thomasville, Georgia, since we moved here, but sort of thought that it was just a bunch of hype. For whatever reason though, we decided to drive the thirty miles and see for ourselves. It was bigger than we expected, with pretty old buildings and a downtown shopping/restaurant district that was much larger than the one in my hometown and much better than the downtown Tallahassee boasts.

I accidentally pressed the black and white option on my phone camera, but I like how it turned out. I wouldn't have cut the top of this building out, but the sun was in my eyes and I didn't know what I was doing. 

The CUTEST bookstore ever. 

We see commercials for this big discount furniture store all the time and passed it on our way back from Thomasville, so I asked Carson if we could stop in. We don't really need any furniture, so it wasn't for us at all, but I like browsing furniture stores; it's kind of like IKEA. We did have a few salespeople come up to us, but for the most part we were left alone. It was fun to talk about furniture we'd like to have one day and seeing what we both like, even though we weren't in the market for anything.
Here we are testing out a couch. 

Back in Tallahassee, we decided to use a Groupon we had for Po' Boys. It's right down Pensacola Street, within walking distance of the stadium in a very college-y part of town. 

Carson had gator (for the first time!) and I had shrimp. 

That evening, we caught up on Downton Abbey while I worked on embroidering something. I have a post about it that will have to wait until I get this in the mail.

All in all, a full weekend! 

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