Monday, March 16, 2015

Tin Foil Curls

Carson was at a conference all weekend long recently, which meant that I had an entire weekend to myself and no car. The apartment was clean and laundry was done, which meant that I really didn't have anything to do. I hung out with my good friend Netflix for awhile while combing through my Pinterest boards, trying to delete things I really won't ever do. I came across a tutorial for curls that you can make using tin foil and a straightener. It sounded really goofy, but I thought, "Why not?

Right up front I'll tell you: I have way too much hair to do this effectively. I realized this as I was winding little strips of hair around my finger and making little packets out of foil to hold them in place and as my hair tried to free itself from its foil prison. 

Something else I should tell you: I gave up on this. 
I already curl my hair with a straightener and it works well and I don't waste foil doing it. I don't usually even have to use hairspray, so doing this wasn't really worth it for me, time-wise. For someone whose hair doesn't hold a curl very well? I bet this would be great. The curls I did get after a very halfhearted effort stuck around, so I would imagine that any time actually invested in this would get great results. 

I made a little video of the process just because, so here you go. 

 Here's the "after". You can tell that I actually pressed one side and didn't press as many packets on the other side. It doesn't look terrible in this picture, but I definitely looked bedraggled in person.

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