Monday, November 3, 2014

October Beach Day

A few weekends back, we went to a marriage conference on Saturday and Sunday. It was a nice, warm weekend and we were excited about the conference but a little bummed that we wouldn't get to go to the beach, so we decided to just do both. We put our beach clothes in the car, grabbed a quick lunch on the way out, and went to a beach that's maybe 45 minutes away from our house. We were surprised to find that there were not many people there for such a warm Saturday. Granted, our idea of what is warm and really nice outside is different from the average Floridian because we're still scarred by real winter, but it was such a beautiful and sunny day! It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon. 

This is my new favorite picture of myself. A fish bumped up against me.

We decided to make a sandcastle, since we haven't yet done that. We received the bucket and shovel as wedding gifts since we went to the beach for our honeymoon, and have moved them with us every time. Now they live in our trunk for spur-of-the-moment beach trips.

We meant to take one picture of ourselves, but in the first one, Carson had zoomed all the way in, instead of out, and that was not so flattering, in the second one, it focused on the man walking behind us... so the third one's the charm! And I was making my "hurry up and take the picture already" face.

 It's impossible to go to the beach without some sort of incident... Carson went off the path back to the car and got burrs in his feet.

And we waited around at the beach until the water finally took over our castle. There was a retired couple near us who built a way more impressive one, with castle-shaped buckets  (do you know what I'm talking about?) and a huge moat, but ours lasted longer... bigger is not better, my friends.

After that, we went home and ate pizza and worked on our puzzle, because we are so much fun.

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