Monday, January 14, 2013

Virginia Weekend

Back in November, Jillian texted to ask if I was available to meet up. She said that Emily was coming for a visit mid-December and that it would be fun if we could all meet up as a surprise at the halfway point between Cleveland and the D.C. area. After realizing the the half-way point had pretty much nothing but a Ruby Tuesday restaurant, Carson suggested that I make a long weekend of it and just drive over to Virginia, which would allow us more time. 

Plans changed, and since it was right before Christmas and a little hectic at the time, we settled on January. We picked a weekend where all three of us were free and went for it! I drove over on a Thursday after work and didn't leave until the following Tuesday morning before work (I worked at night).

It was a lovely weekend, and we got a lot of quality time in, got to see our capitol city, attend church with Gary and Jillian, see White Christmas at the Kennedy Center, look at old pictures (yikes), make trash candy... and little Graceanna got to meet her two "crazy aunts". Our time was so very full. I left refreshed by good friends and with a camera card full of pictures. There were many more but I did my best to post just the essentials :) 

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  1. Love love love! Thanks so much for driving down. I can't wait for future get togethers. ;-)


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